Aktiver Brandschutz der MPA Dresden GmbH
Passiver Brandschutz der MPA Dresden GmbH
Ingenieurleistung der MPA Dresden GmbH

Independent fire protection competence centre

Active fire protection

As an accredited test laboratory we test fire extinguishing equipment and fire extinguishing media in accordance with the stipulated Standards and regulations.

Passive fire protection

As an accredited test laboratory we test, classify and certify building products to national and European Standards.


ConCert is a division of the MPA Dresden GmbH with the focus on occupational safety, fire protection and data protection.

Certification Centre

As an accredited certification centre we issue certificates based on the associated product documentation and the necessary inspections where required.

Inspection centre

As an accredited inspection centre we carry out inspections within the scope of production monitoring and examination of the works in-house production control.


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