Ingenieurleistung der MPA Dresden GmbH

Passive fire protection

The fire protection characteristics are determined in the test centre for structural fire protection. In the course of this the question above all is: How high is the contribution to the occurrence of fire, fire development and fire propagation? With fire tests and fire trials it is also assessed to what extent the functions and characteristics of materials and constructions are maintained in the event of fire.

A classification of the products is possible based on the test results. To some extent general building authority test certificates in accordance with the state building code (LBO) can also be issued.

Participation in standardisation panels and committees
  • Active member in the sector group SH02 fire protection of the Fire Sector Group FSG
  • Active member of EGOLF (European Group of Organisations for Fire Testing, Inspection and Certification)
  • Participation in the SVA "Fire protection for electrical wiring systems" with the DIBt
  • Participation in the standardisation panel CEN/TC 263/WG 2
  • Participation in the standardisation committee NA 005-52-23 AA "Fire behaviour of facade claddings"
  • Participation in the standardisation committee NA 087-00-14 AA
  • Participation in the standardisation committee DKE/K 213 "Fire fighting in electrical plants"