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We're burning for you – at MPA Dresden that's more than just a slogan.
It is our claim. Because we set virtually everything on fire for your safety.

As an accredited test laboratory, we test, for example, whether your fire extinguishing equipment and fire extinguishing media accord with the Standards and regulation. It gets pretty hot on our site. Our experienced and first class trained fire protection specialists extinguish up to 10 metre high flames to protect life in an emergency.

What is classified as safe by our experts satisfies the highest level of requirements – in buildings and tunnels, in warehouses and furniture, in cables and lines, in railways and cruise liners. You have our word on that.

We emerged in 1991 from the Institute of Mining Safety whose predecessor was founded in 1928 as an Associate Institute of the Freiberg Mining Academy. From this arose the Civil Engineering Materials Testing Institute of the Free State of Saxony.

This intermediate authority became the Landesbetrieb Materialprüfungsanstalt Dresden whose shortform – MPA Dresden – persists in our name to this day.

Nowadays, as a private company, we offer material testing, expert assessments, inspections and certification services: fast, flexible and trustworthy.

The trust of our customers is our most valuable asset.

As a neutral and independent provider we have to fulfil particularly stringent requirements and audits. This unique constellation is to your great advantage: our customers profit from recognised certification and test results combined with the speed and flexibility of a customer orientated service provider – for fast and precise results.

We make virtually everything possible for our customers – we even simulate entire houses and build test tunnels. Because besides the testing and certification of fire extinguishing equipment and fire extinguishing media we are also your experienced partner for other fire protection issues. As an accredited test laboratory we test, classify and certify building products in addition to rail and marine products to national and European Standards.

Also in the fire protection of furniture, cables or safety cabinets we are the right partner for you. Even hundredweight-heavy safes or entire data rooms are erected on our test facilities.

Our engineering office for fire protection provides you with support in fire protection evaluations and fire protection planning. So you see – fire protection is the thread that unites all our business areas. From active to passive fire protection through to our engineering services.