Ingenieurleistung der MPA Dresden GmbH

Active fire protection

As an accredited test laboratory we test fire extinguishing media and equipment.

The requirements and tests on fire extinguishing media and fire extinguishing equipment are predominantly specified in international Standards (EN, IMO, ICAO, UL, ISO). To some extent national Standards (DIN, NF, BS) and special insurance guidelines (FM, UL, VdS) also apply.

In accordance with the application and operation regulations, verifications of conformity are necessary for the respective fire protection products.

As an accredited test laboratory for fire extinguishing media and equipment we implement the required type tests and production inspections and provide support to our customers up to the appropriate product certification.

We test fire extinguishing media, portable fire extinguishers, wheeled fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire extinguishing sprays, fire extinguishing equipment built into motor vehicles, special extinguishing equipment, powder/foam compatibility and fuel hoses for you – reliably, safely and officially recognised.

Participation in standardisation panels and committees
  • DIN Firefighting and Fire Protection Standards Committee (FNFW)
  • NA 031-01 FBR Hand-held equipment for fire fighting
  • NA 031-03-01 AA Fire extinguishing media
  • NA 031-03 FBR Fixed firefighting systems
  • CEN European Standardisation institute
  • TC 70 Hand operated fire extinguishing equipment
  • TC 70 / WG1 Laboratories
  • TC 70 / WG5 Standardisation
  • ISO-TC 21-SC 2 Fire classes
  • Exchange of experience 6 "Pressure equipment" (EK 6)
  • Working party AK 3-6 in the EK 6 "Pressure equipment"
  • German Electrotechnical Commission in the DIN and VDE (DKA) specialist circle K 213 "Fire fighting in electrical plants"