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SQ-Certificates - Fire Extinguishing Material

The SQ Certificate is widely acknowledged and is traceable to the usual international standards. An important element of the SQ is transparency. It includes, among other things, regular inspections of the production facilities and tests of products taken straight out of production.

After certification, this is a regular test that ensures the compliance to the quality standards.

With the Safer Quality (SQ) Certificate, the manufacturers receive confirmation of their compliance with the test and inspection standards as well as proof of increased quality. The SQ Certificate is issued by the certification authority.

No certificate has been issued yet. Applications are being processed.

Nr. SQ-Zertifikat /
No. of SQ-Certificate
Gültig bis /
Zertifikatsinhaber /
Holder of the certificate
Typbezeichnung /
Type designation
Feuerlöschmittel /
Fire extinguishing media
Brandklasse /
Fire class
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