Safety cabinets

Performance of tests to verify the fulfilment of performance requirements on fire resistant safety cabinets for the storage of flammable liquids or pressurised gas cylinders within the scope of a prototype test.

The tests/requirements apply for cabinets with a total internal volume of maximum
1 m³. These can be free-standing, fastened to a wall or mounted on wheels or rollers. The tests do not apply for frames recessed into masonry or walk-in storage rooms or for cabinets which are designed for storing pressurised gas cylinders with a total volume of maximum 220 litres; this includes pressurised gas cylinders for flushing gases.

DIN EN 14470‐1 and DIN EN 14470‐2 establish requirements in respect of the construction of the cabinet and its capacity to withstand external exposure to fire.
A categorisation of the cabinets is undertaken according to the degree of fire resistance and a prototype test established based on previously existing fire resistance tests.

Standard Title of the Standard
DIN EN 14470-1 Fire safety storage cabinets - Part 1: Safety storage cabinets
for flammable liquids; German version EN 14470-1
DIN EN 14470-2 Fire safety storage cabinets - Part 2: Safety cabinets for
pressurised gas cylinders; German version EN 14470-2

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