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Cable systems and cable penetrations

Performance of fire tests on electric cable systems (including cables, routing systems and possible fire protection systems) to assess the fire behaviour in respect of the electrical functional integrity with fire stressing from outside.

The area of application is limited to cables with a nominal voltage of up to 1 kV.
The functional integrity of cable systems assessed in accordance with these Standards does not cover a voltage drop or a reduced current carrying capacity
due to a temperature related increase in resistance.

Standard Title of the Standard
DIN 4102-12 Fire behaviour of building materials and building components -
Part 12: Circuit integrity maintenance of electric cable systems; requirements and testing
DIN EN 1366-11 Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 11: Fire
protective systems for cable systems and associated components; German version 1366-11
DIN 4102-09 Fire behaviour of building materials and elements; seals
for cable penetrations; concepts, requirements and testing
EN 1366-3 Fire resistance tests for service installations - Part 3:
Penetration seals; German and English version EN 1366-3

We offer in addition: supplementary testing for the approval of electrical distributors in the 1 metre oven based on DIN 4102‐12 and DIN EN 1366 11. In this regard the interaction of the cables and the cable entry system in the electrical distributor are assessed.

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