-NEW- acquisition of special facility for testing fire behaviour in accordance with DIN EN 16733:2016-07


Additional stipulations on the smouldering behaviour are to be placed on construction products which must fulfil building regulation non-combustible or flame retardant requirements.

For construction products with a national verification of usability, the smouldering behaviour is automatically verified within the scope of the material classification in accordance with DIN 4102-1.

However, if a construction product is subject to the application area of a European harmonised product Standard, the classification of the smouldering behaviour is in accordance with the European system based on DIN EN 13501-1. So for example, with factory-made thermal insulation materials of mineral wool in accordance with DIN EN 14303:2009+A1:2013, the smouldering behaviour is not taken into account therein.

Within the scope of the CE mark and the declaration of performance, manufacturers cannot declare product characteristics which extend beyond the product Standard. In order to meet the building authority requirements prescribed by the State Building Code, creating a voluntary verification is the only remedy. To this end, a priority list has been published by the DIBt (German Institute for Building Engineering). This list sets out fragmentary product Standards and offers the option of voluntary declarations. With the smouldering behaviour example, a test report in accordance with DIN EN 16733:2016 is a suitable path to declaring performance.

MPA Dresden GmbH has expanded their range of offers to include a new test. We have acquired a special test facility for testing the fire behaviour of construction products in accordance with the Standard DIN EN 16733:2016-07.

Using this test facility, construction products can be tested for their tendency to continuous smouldering. The Standard DIN EN 16733:2016-07 relates to construction products which are classified in accordance with EN 13501-1. The smouldering is verified by measuring the temperatures within the vertically orientated test object and observation of sustained flame formation due to re-ignition.

We conduct the test necessary for the voluntary performance declarations on behalf of our customers. Thereafter you will receive the appropriate test report as verification

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