New laboratory floor


The fast processing of the test orders, the quality of the tests and the requirements for constantly new test standards, especially in the area of ​​extinguishing agents, have top priority at MPA Dresden GmbH.

In order to be able to meet this requirement even better, a completely new laboratory floor was added to the existing building of the test center for fire extinguishing devices and fire extinguishing agents. At the same time, the work opportunities for the staff at the test center have improved. By concentrating all laboratory workplaces on one floor, the previously long distances between the individual workstations in different buildings are no longer necessary. To make physical work easier, there is a freight elevator to transport the samples to the laboratory. The new laboratory floor is fully air-conditioned. After a few delays, it was completed on September 30, 2019. We look forward to the first successful tests and the feedback from our customers.

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